With two-thirds of pet owners seeing their pet as an intrinsic and beloved member of the family, the want for reliable and high-quality care is increasing too. Red Letter Days interviewed pooch Dog Spa about the pet pampering industry and our very popular dog spa!

The Interview

Owners want the peace of mind and a sense of security knowing that their pet is being treated with utmost care when going to a high-quality salon or spa. They expect a state-of-the-art grooming environment on par with many of today’s well-being grooming venues, which is exactly what is on offer to dogs at pooch Dog Spa. We chat to pooch Dog Spa owner Shirley to find out a bit more about her pampering facility for dogs.

What made you set up pooch Dog Spa?
I’ve always had a passion for dogs and holistic dog care and aromatherapy and after many years of not being able to find a place that offered quality grooming care for my pooches I decided to open pooch Dog Spa and provide these treatments. I wanted a destination where pet parents could have the peace of mind that the spa is treating their beloved pets with the high-quality care they deserve. Equally, I wanted to create a space for our canine clients to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience in luxurious and peaceful surroundings.

What is pooch Dog Spa’s ethos and what makes you so unique?
Our mission is to provide an unparalleled level of holistic dog grooming and dog spa services catering to the individual needs of all our canine clients. We offer a loving, tranquil and luxurious environment for treatments and we do not use cages or cabinet dryers. We never rush a treatment and ensure each dog has a positive and relaxing experience with us. Our staff are incredibly passionate about dogs and their well-being and are patient and understanding with pooch’s that may be new to grooming, nervous about being handled, are aged, ill or disabled. The team hold a range of professional qualifications across dog grooming, canine behaviour, canine nutrition and canine physiotherapy and it is this expertise that enables the team to deliver such a specialised experience.

What type of dog visits pooch Dog Spa?
We cater for a wide range of breeds from chihuahua’s to Newfoundlands and recognise that all our clients have specific grooming needs. Short haired breeds such as labradors, pugs and bulldogs benefit from regular grooming to help control shedding and maintain good ear and nail health. Breeds such as Shih Tzus, Labradoodles, and bichon frise need regular haircuts to keep their growing coats in style and tangle-free and we have a top class reputation for our breed standard and bespoke styling skills. Our ozone spa bath sees a lot of working dogs visit, as it helps to relax their muscles and soothe aches and pains. With big holidays now seeing pets receive gifts too, we have seen an increasing number of dogs visiting us for a spa day experience or pooch pamper treatment to celebrate their big day!

Dog spa treatment at pooch Dog Spa

What type of services do you offer and why?
We offer a wide range of grooming, spa and body treatments for all breeds of dogs. To ensure treatments are tailored to address each dogs specific requirements, each canine clients undergoes a complimentary skin and coat analysis when they arrive at the spa. For those dogs in need of a groom our menu includes a wash and fluff service for short haired breeds, a pooch makeover or a pooch pamper for breeds whose coats require a further level of grooming. Our puppy first groom is ideal for getting your puppy used to the grooming experience, whilst our wedding day treatment helps get your dog in top shape for the big day.

What facilities do you have at the spa?
The spa has been designed with the comfort and safety of each canine client in mind and from the moment of arrival each pooch is transported to a haven of relaxation and enjoys a complete sensory experience. We have a strict no drying cabinet policy and all pooches are finished by hand by an experienced stylist. Grooming services are delivered in separate treatment areas so each dog has a relaxing and individual experience free from the distraction of other visitors. Each suite has a comfy bed and water is served so the dogs can relax in comfort. The dogs also benefit from essential oil therapy and relaxing spa music during their time at the spa too. We also have hydro-massage baths which stimulate the skin as well as thoroughly cleanse the canine clients. Our spa ozone bath uses hydro-massage, ozone and aromatherapy to ease stress, relax joints and muscles, and treat the skin and coat. All of the products used in the spa are cruelty-free and made from chemical free ingredients.

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