Dog birthday gift


A Special Birthday Gift for your Pooch

Complimentary Spa Treatment

To help celebrate your pooches birthday we would be delighted to treat them to a complimentary spa treatment to ensure their are looking and feeling fab for their special day!

To book this complimentary treatment simply schedule your pooch in for a Wash & Fluff, pooch Makeover, or another all over grooming treatment for the month of their birthday and choose a Spa treatment from the list below. We will also take a special birthday photo as a souvenir of their visit!

Deep Conditioning Treatment: shea butter, coconut oil, and rose oil is used to rehydrate the coat and skin
Facial: vanilla and blueberry treatment to cleanse and balance and treat tear staining
Fresh Breath Treatment: support good oral care with this coconut oil and spearmint oil treatment

To book call us now on 01252 216 100 or book online here.