At pooch Dog Spa we have a wide range of grooming, spa, and body treatments for all breeds of pooch. Below is a quick reference guide of what we offer, please click on each treatment for a full details of what is included in each.


On arrival each pooch will undergo a skin and coat analysis to determine the most suitable products for their treatment. Shampoo, conditioning treatments, spa treatments and finishing mists are then chosen to ensure each pooch’s individual needs are addressed. To quickly compare packages click here.

Wash & Fluff
A 1-2 hour treatment and ideal for the active, busy dog who is always on the go, or as maintenance between haircuts. Includes a wash, blow dry, ear cleanse, nail trim and body brushing. Most suited to dogs that have short coats or those with long coats that require minimal brushing or de-matting.

pooch Makeover
A 2-3 hour treatment for pooch’s in need of a haircut, a restyle, or preparing for a special day. Includes a wash, blow dry, ear cleanse, nail trim and haircut or undercoat de-shed.

pooch Pamper
Our 3-4 hour full star treatment that offers everything your dog needs to look and feel like a totally pampered pooch. Includes all the services of a pooch Makeover plus a selection of Spa treatments..

Puppy’s First Groom
Introduces your puppy to the benefits of grooming and encourages them to relax in the grooming environment ready for future treatments. Puppy is treated to a wash, fluff dry, nail trim, ear cleanse, trim of bottom, groin and eyes, and teeth brushing.

Puppy Trim
A 2-3 hour treatment that trims up your puppy’s fluffy coat to keep them looking tidy but still like a puppy while they transition to their adult coat! Includes a wash, blow dry, ear cleanse, nail trim and full body trim.

De-shedding Treatment
Specially designed for dogs that are prone to heavy shedding as it reduces shedding by up to 60-80% after the first treatment. An intensive 4 step de-shed treatment ideally suited to heavy coated breeds such a Huskys and German Shepherds and other breeds experiencing a lot of shedding.

Breeds that can be handstripped include terriers, schnauzers, setters and spaniels subject to coat condition. A pre-treatment consultation will advise on what level of hand-stripping is advisable.

Wedding Day Treatment
Created to ensure your pooch’s body, mind and spirit are rejuvenated and ready for your big day. Includes all the services of a pooch Makeover plus a selection of Spa treatments.



Ear Cleansing
Eye trim
Nail trim
Nail & Pad Trim
Express Matt Removal
Organic Nose & Pad Treatment
Top Knot Styling & Bow
Fresh Breath Treatment


These treatments can be added to any grooming package where they are not already included.

Ozone Spa Bath
Soothe and relax tired muscles in an ozone spa bath infused with green tea and aloe vera. Also recommended for those suffering with skin conditions or muscle or joint ailments.

Mud Body Treatment
Nourish, strengthen, and encourage healthy cell regeneration with a choice of therapeutic mud body treatments blended to offer a range of health benefits. Choose the mud blend most suitable for your pooches requirements.

A hydrating and soothing vanilla and blueberry facial treatment to cleanse and balance, ideal for dogs with facial folds such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers and Shar Pei, or those suffering from light tear staining or saliva staining.

Deep Conditioning treatment
Perfect for dull, lifeless coats this conditioning treatment uses shea butter, coconut oil and rose oil to hydrate the hair and skin. It reduces loss of protein, regains hair’s natural moisture, improves elasticity, prevents breakage and adds texture, body and sheen. Suitable for all coat types with the exception of heavy double coated shedding breeds and pooches with a naturally oily coat.

Tear Stain Removal
A blueberry treatment to help remove dirt, beard and tear stains, especially popular for light and white coloured dogs such as Bichons, Westies and Poodles.

Deluxe Pawdicure
Helps sooth paws damaged by gravel, hot pavements, or snow, or those that get itchy feet in the summer months due to pollen and other irritants. Includes a paw soak, steam wrap, nail trim, pad trim, and massage with soothing balm.

pooch Spa Day Experience
The pooch spa package has been created for pooch’s to experience the most effective and luxurious of treatments to ensure body, mind and spirit are ready for their next adventure. This package is filled with all the treatments a pooch would require and makes an ideal birthday or holiday season gift or just to show pooch or their owner how much you love them!

Pamper Morning
Does your pooch need a morning of pampering? Why not treat them to a super relaxing session while you are at work or take having a morning break yourself! pooch is treated to a walk, Wash & Fluff, facial, lunch, nap and playtime.


At pooch Dog Spa we treat pets with long-term conditions such as osteoarthritis and neurological disorders as well as assisting with post-operative rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Session
Treatment is performed by our qualified animal physiotherapist according to your pooch’s needs and finished with a stretching and stability routine.

Deep Tissue Massage
A calming and relaxing treatment incorporating massage techniques to relive stress, and enhance behaviour and balance.

Doggy Yoga
A 1-2-1 session of stretches and poses to enhance muscle condition and tone, as well as promote joint health and overall well-being.


we offer comprehensive nutritional consultations by our qualified Canine Nutritionist. During the consultation we will discuss your dog’s diet with a view to providing a fully personalised dietary protocol to support your dog’s overall wellbeing.

Initial consultation
During a thirty minute in person consultation with you and your pooch we will discuss any concerns and answer questions regarding your dog’s diet and how it affects their overall health. A fully personalised dietary protocol to support your dog’s overall wellbeing and addressing health challenges will be suggested, along with possible life style changes

Follow up consultation
A follow up session is scheduled for either three or six weeks post consult to provide support and to answer any further questions.


Pick up and drop off service
For clients that are not in a position to drop off and/or collect their pooch but want their pooch to experience our grooming and spa treatments we offer a pick up and drop off service chargeable by zone.

pooch Creche
Need a little bit more time before you collect your pooch after their grooming treatment? We offer a creche facility for small and medium sized dogs.