At pooch Dog Spa we treat pets with long-term conditions such as osteoarthritis and neurological disorders as well as assisting with post-operative rehabilitation. Our physiotherapy treatment is delivered only on referrals from vets as it is a legal requirement that dogs are only presented for physiotherapy with prior veterinary consent. Physiotherapy uses non-evasive hands-on techniques, exercise programmes and rehabilitation to restore, maintain and enhance ‘normal’ soft tissue and joint function which may suffer as a result of post exercise soreness, trauma or surgery.

In addition to our rehabilitation programs we also offer body balance treatments. Our relaxing therapeutic massage and yoga therapy are designed to relax and rejuvenate your pooch. Techniques used help increase circulation, decrease anxiety and nervousness, and decrease muscular tension. Ideal for nervous dogs or those in need of a little extra tender loving care. All of our Body Therapy services are delivered by our fully qualified animal physiotherapist who is here to work alongside other industry professionals and you the pet parent to offer you pooch the best possible care and ultimately enhance their well-being.

Physiotherapy Session

45 minutes


Our qualified animal physiotherapist will gently examine your pet to review the areas that need treatment. Massage will then be performed according to your pooch’s needs and finished with a stretching and stability routine. A bespoke treatment schedule will be designed to support your pooch’s rehabilitation and adjusted according to your pets progress.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 minutes


A calming and relaxing treatment incorporating massage techniques to relive stress, and enhance behaviour and balance. Massage brings the same health benefits to dogs as it does to humans. Whether your pooch needs to relieve stress, receive the psychological benefits of touch, or experience an overall sense of relaxation a choice of essential oils is offered to tailor the experience specifically to their needs.

Doggy Yoga

35 minutes


A 1-2-1 session of stretches and poses to enhance muscle condition and tone, as well as promote joint health and overall well-being. By forming a calm and relaxed relationship, passive stretching and stability exercises can be performed safely and effectively. This combination of relaxation, breathing techniques and exercises combat stress, and help circulation and movement of the joints.

* Not all dogs are receptive or physically able to carry out yoga – an initial assessment is required prior to booking.


Body Therapy FAQ

How can physiotherapy help my pooch?
By assessing your pets entire musclo-skeletal system, our qualified animal physiotherapist will be able to identify areas of pain and stiffness. Physiotherapy can help by enhancing joint mobility and muscle tone aiding in the prevention of protective, compensating gait patterns. All animals also benefit from the feel good factor which physiotherapeutic massage and manipulation provides. Post-operative physiotherapy and conservative management of chronic conditions (such as arthritis), using a tailor made programme, can improve their comfort and well-being giving your pooch a happy lifestyle for longer than would otherwise have been expected.

I think my dog needs physiotherapy what should I do?
It is very important to understand, that a physiotherapist cannot diagnose illness, injury or lameness in your animal and by law can only treat your animal on a veterinary referral. This is simple to arrange on the part of our physiotherapist. In accordance to the Veterinary act 1966, it is a requirement that a physiotherapist undertaking treatment on your animal has veterinary consent prior to starting. Click here to download our Vet Referral Form

Who will deliver the physiotherapy on my dog?
Our animal physiotherapist has a BSc Honours Degree in Veterinary Anatomy and a post graduate Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy which is endorsed by the Veterinary Nursing Bodies. Referrals she has treated includes post operative TPLO’s, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and spinal disc protrusion paralysis. References on her services from clients and vets are available on request.

What is Doggy Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient practise that aims to transform the mind and body. Human yogis help to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness, strength and relaxation using breathing techniques and poses. Regular stretching has been proven in all species, human or animal, to increase flexibility, muscle tone and strength, lubricate joints reducing stiffness and arthritic symptoms,reduce blood pressure, promote relaxation, self awareness and calm. Calm dogs are happier dogs, which listen better and can be easier to train.

Naturally, without intervention or support, dogs are able to achieve a handful of poses which can be further adapted to increase strength and flexibility;
1. downward dog
2. chaturanga
3. chair pose
4. savasana relaxation pose
5. superman pose

Dogs suffering from or are predisposed to orthopaedic conditions could delay/reduce symptoms with regular sessions. The addition of stability ball and peanut ball exercises can offer more advanced poses increasing strength. The main basis much like with humans is to work the dogs through poses and stretches in a calm manner which they accept enjoy and relax into.