Canine Nutritional Services

At pooch Dog Spa we offer comprehensive nutritional consultations by our qualified Canine Nutritionist. During the consultation we will discuss your dog’s diet with a view to providing a fully personalised dietary protocol to support your dog’s overall wellbeing.

1. Nutritional Consultation – £30
2. Follow up Consultation – £15

To learn more please see below information on our nutritional services, or if you wish to book an appointment please click here

Why is nutrition important?

Nutrition is the body’s building block for improved health; however not all foods build the blocks suitable to ensure long term health or assist those currently suffering with specific conditions. Correct nutrition can be used as a preventative for a variety of health conditions so it is important as pet parents and practitioners we take a proactive approach creating correct diet and nutritional plans for pets to provide optimum health to prepare them for the future. In cases such as poor dental health, some skin conditions, behavioural issues, picky eaters, digestive upset and many others a new dietary plan can greatly improve the issue and prevent its return.

Our Canine Nutritionist provides advice and education to pet parents on wide range of nutrition related topics including

– weight management
– understanding pet food labels
– changing diets
– personalised nutritional plans
– feeding plans for puppies, adults and seniors
– supplements
– diets for competing in show or sports
– dietary allergies and intolerance
– skin afflictions
– dealing with anal gland issues
– providing suitable nutrition for dogs with cancer, hyperactivity, pancreatitis, urinary issues, ear infections and other health afflictions.

What happens at the consultation?

A nutritional consultation will provide you with the tools to ensure your dog’s diet is suitable to their health needs and may require a dietary change for dogs’ being treated for a health obstacle.

1. During a thirty minute in person consultation with you and your pooch we will discuss any concerns and answer questions regarding your dog’s diet and how it affects their overall health. A fully personalised dietary protocol to support your dog’s overall wellbeing and addressing health challenges will be suggested, along with possible life style changes. Following the initial consultation an overview of the recommended protocol will be emailed to you for reference. The cost of the initial consultation is £30.

2. A follow up phone call is scheduled for either three or six weeks post consult to provide support and to answer any further questions. The cost of the following up consultation is £15.


Who delivers these services?

pooch Dog Spa’s Lauren Murray BSc is an understanding and proactive Canine Nutritionist. It is her objective to provide you with a personalised dietary plan for your dog in order to improve their lifestyle, health and behaviour.

Lauren has worked with dogs’ for over ten years, beginning her career as a Veterinary Assistant in the New Forest where she developed a scientific approach to canine health and welfare. Following this Lauren became Assistant Manager of a respected kennel and cattery boarding establishment in which she managed the daily care, diet, grooming and medical needs of up to eighty animal residents. In 2011 she turned her career to physical rehabilitation as a trainee Canine Hydrotherapist in Portsmouth helping dogs who were affected with various orthopaedic or other health conditions; while doing so she volunteered for the Blue Cross. Lauren obtained an internship with Fitzpatrick Referrals shadowing the veterinary and rehabilitation team from which she became Assistant Canine Hydrotherapist and Canine Masseur at the largest canine rehabilitation centre in London. She then went on to work for Pets Corner as Assistant Manager and Nutritional Advisor using her years of canine experience and education to create dietary protocols suited to each individual animal.

Throughout her career Lauren learned of the importance of correct nutrition but found that for pet guardians resources to help them understand and choose the correct diet for their dogs’ was limited and in some cases incorrect. With the aim of helping dogs by educating owners Lauren continued her nutrition studies and completed Pet Nutrition Level 3, allowing her to carry out personalised, comprehensive, impartial dietary assessments.

With Lauren’s caring nature and scientific background she is driven to advise and educate pet parents of pooch Dog Spa on their dog’s nutritional health and wellbeing with an unbiased, understanding approach.

How can I book an appointment?

To schedule an appointment please call the Spa on 01252 216 100 or click here to book online.