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Customer Reviews

At pooch Dog Spa we pride ourselves on the level of service and the quality of grooming and spa treatments we provide. We are very grateful to our customers who have provided wonderful feedback, some of which is listed below! For more even reviews please check out our Facebook page at

Ruth Painter (June 2016) – 5 star
I have 3 Cocker Spaniels and they just love it at pooch! And so do I! You walk into reception and it smells exactly like a people spa. The setup is stunning with individual grooming areas and separate waiting bays. Everyone is incredibly friendly: genuinely interested in the dogs, their personalities and needs. They really take time to talk to both people and dogs. My elderly 13.5 yr old dog Monte has a variety of special needs; today’s is a weird lump on his neck that’s going to be surgically removed later this week! Lauren was amazing: she worked around it, without using any perfumed products, so he emerged clean, soft and gorgeous once more! I also have two young pups and pooch introduced them both to the idea of grooming, which they adore. I’m really fussy about my furbabies and it took me a long time to find pooch. All 3 dogs love going in to pooch and don’t give me a second glance! I’m so thrilled and relieved I’ve found them! I drive 45 minutes to get there and it’s definitely worth it. Don’t hesitate to trust them with your precious pooch.

Caroline Hildreth (August 2016) – 5 star
It is so beautiful the staff are fantastic my Charlie looked a million dollars after his first visit and we will be returning for definite he looks like a new dog highly recommend to me and I recommend highly to anyone else it’s a must treat for all ure pooches out there x

Sarah Horsey (July 2016) – 5 star
Took Dougal my Labradoodle here for the first time today and I couldn’t be more pleased with his whole experience! It is by far the best groom he has ever had (& he is 6!) – everyone was just amazing from beginning to end. Thank you so so much xx

Sammy Nichols (Aug 2016) – 5 star
I was really worried about getting our girls groomed for the first time as we have never left our pooches with strangers before – we had a free familiarisation meeting with a lovely & professional lady (wish I could remember her name, sorry) she really put our minds at ease – they went in for their groom today and came out smelling and looking beautiful – the whole spa looks great and is really clean – what I really loved was when our girls came out into the reception area they were wearing little blue bows – it was a really cute touch – we will be coming back and recommending you to all our friends & family.

Ruth Kenton (July 2016) – 5 star
We took our old red setter Ruby to pooch today and they were amazing. Her coat had been destroyed by being spayed! But they sorted her coat out and also helped her stay calm, the difference in her when we picked her up was unbelievable usually she is shaking, but not this time Oh and she looked gorgeous too. Thank you pooch we will be back

Emily Mahon (June 2016) – 5 star
Amazing treatments and they are so lovely to the dogs! You can tell they really love the dogs and want them to feel comfortable and happy!

Beverley Carter (June 2016) – 5 star
Took my dog here to be loved and groomed and that exactly what they did. Libby doesn’t like baths or being brushed but these ladies made it enjoyable for her and when I arrived to collect Libby I couldn’t even hear her crying which she normally does if we leave her but because she was so relaxed and chilled she was sleeping away. Libby doesn’t like being left with people she doesn’t no but these ladies made Libby feel at home.

Tanya Skene (April 2016) – 5 star
Visited the Pooch dog spa for the first time yesterday with Miya, this was her first visit to a groomer so really wasn’t sure what she would make if it. My main reason for visiting was to see if it would relax Miya enough to allow someone to trim her nails without her getting too distressed (we have never managed to achieve this before). We were both greeted by a lovely lady who had Miya relaxed enough not too even notice I had gone. Once ready to be collected she looked absolutely beautiful, smelt gorgeous and they managed to trim her nails without a problem!!! I can’t thank you enough for this and will definitely be returning! What a wonderful team you have.

Andrea O’Donnell (August 2016) – 5 star
Bella had her first puppy groom and she looked amazing. I was a bit nervous how she would react leaving her but she had an amazing time and was so happy when we collected her. I’ll definitely be going back for all her grooming, great recommendation.

Lisa Bilsby (February 2016) – 5 star
A HUGE thank you for taking care of Rosie, she looks and smells absolutely gorgeous!! After her horrendous experience elsewhere you have given back her confidence and that means a lot to me, thank you once again 🙂

Sarah Corke (April 2016) – 5 star
We take both our dogs here and one is especially anxious but they have a great way of making them feel at ease and relaxed they are so kind and really take their time with the dogs – would highly recommend!!

Natalie Lee (April 2016) – 5 star
love all the products that they use and it’s not overpowering perfume smells like other places, I love how friendly everyone is and they did wonders on my dog and made her look so beautiful. We shall be coming back soon 🙂

Sharon Bowen (August 2016) – 5 star
Well just bought my Bobby back from the spa and like always has had loads of fuss made to him, the girls are amazing would be highly recommend the spa.

Daniela Denny (February 2016) – 5 star
I have taken my 1year old Bichon xMaltese in here today, and I can easily and happily say that I am very happy with the service provided! He’s had a lovely trim, I didn’t recognise him at first! I’m very happy with this place and I’ll be booking in again in a few weeks for my other dog too! Can’t wait to treat them at Pooch Dogs Spa

Sally Childs (March 2016) – 5 star
This was the first time my rescue dog had been to a groomer- they made a nervous pooch feel at ease and I cannot express how happy I am with the service received! Highly recommended and will be rebooking- mum has found one she can trust!! Thanks Shirley!

Sam Oliver (January 2016) – 5 star

I can’t thank you enough! Buddy loved his first Puppy Groom yesterday. We had a lovely warm welcome from all the staff and he was instantly relaxed. I felt like a mum dropping off her kids to school on their first day! When I picked him up it was so lovely to hear he had a great time and enjoyed all the treatments. He came out with a spring in his step, confident and happy. He smelt fabulous and I was thrilled. I’m looking forward to seeing his photo put online. We will be going back very soon and highly recommend Pooch Dog Spa to everyone!

Claire Vaines (April 2016) – 5 star
Phoebe and Plato had their first visit today and loved it and I am told they were very well behaved. When I collected them they were very glossy and calm. Really recommend this place

Karen Davies (February 2016) – 5 star
Both Buddy and I love Pooch. He’s had his first full cut today, normally just opting for a wash’n’fluff. He looks amazing, but sure it won’t last long! The spa is always beautifully clean, which says a lot for me. The staff are lovely and patient, Buddy loves going and comes back every time really chilled afterwards. Would highly recommend.

Sammie Stone (April 2016) – 5 star
Took my 4 year old shih tzu, who was not a fan of groomers, She was absolutely fine when I picked her up, looks beautiful, and was very calm when we returned home. Shirley you are a star!!!

Ffion Williams (May 2016) – 5 star
Thank you once again for doing such a good job on Yogi. Always friendly and professional, and most importantly Yogi loves all the staff.

Mary Mooney (August 2016) – 5 star
First trip for our 8 year old rescue staffie, his smiley face in the bath says it all, we shall be back

Nichola Whyte (February 2016) – 5 star
Our Pup Elsa had an absolute brilliant time here. She came away smelling and looking beautiful!! Lovely friendly staff too. I would highly recommend Pooch.

Scott Young (April 2016) – 5 star
Gizmo had his first visit to the spa and came out so happy! Amazing place and a brilliant job you have done. Thank you so much!

Rebecca Chamberlain (December 2015) – 5 star
Shirley and the team are so thoughtful and caring, and of course they do an amazing job with our beloved four legged friends. They fully groom our Cockapoo beautifully and are very happy for us to slowly introduce our very nervous rescue Doberman to the spa. Highly recommend! x

Caroline Betworth (July 2016) – 5 star
First visit today. Great service, lovely staff. Very pleased and pip was happy. Next appointment booked!

Kati Stead (December 2015) – 5 star
Cannot thank Shirley and the other lovely ladies for looking after Sammibear so well and making her look beautiful! Sorry for being such a difficult mummy and giving you such hard work, cannot tell you how much I appreciate how kind and lovely you are! Thank you xx

Marie Mc Jury (April 2016) – 5 star
Would like to say a massive thank you to Shirley. It was Pickle, our shihtzu’ s, first visit today and she looks amazing! Thank you so much.

Simon Hood (July 2015) – 5 star
Today was Barney Pug’s first visit to Pooch Dog Spa. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but they did an amazing job. He had the wash & fluff service along with a facial. He smells good enough to eat, and his coat is so soft and fluffy. They sorted out his nails and pads – it’s literally like he’s a puppy again 🙂 The best thing of all is that he enjoyed – he loved all the attention he got. Only issue now is I don’t wanna let him near any muddy puddles! Thank guys – we look forward to seeing you next month!

Lizzy Hampton (August 2016) – 5 star
Roxy rose loved her spa visit, she will be back soon

Christie Barrett (November 2015) – 5 star
Fab service! Poppy had her first visit today – she was happy and content and smelt and looked wonderful after her pampering! Update – took both my puppies in today (second visit) and WOW what a transformation – from mucky/scruffy pups to absolutely gorgeous girls – thank you so much!

Suzy Warren Harris (July 2015) – 5 star
Wow! Just wow! I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for Maverick this afternoon/evening! He looks so handsome and is so much happier – I am genuinely so impressed and grateful to you and your team! We will be back as you know and will be highly recommending that people utilise your skill and expertise, not to mention your love of the animals you work on! Maverick says a great big thank you too! Suzy and Family X

Vanessa Hope (June 20150 – 5 star
Used pooch dog spa for the first time yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased!! They were welcoming, friendly and flexible. We saw where our dog was looked after and groomed, nothing was hidden. Although it was late when we collected him we didn’t feel rushed, in fact it was quite the opposite. Our dog looked the best he has ever looked in his whole 2 years of life, even more cute and lovable (if that’s possible). He wasn’t clipped all over as he had been at other groomers but lovingly brushed for hours and trimmed with scissors and the difference was obvious! The price may have been a little more but it was well worth it for a much happier dog. Thank you Pooch Dog Spa!

Phillip Rockett (January 02016) – 5 star
Just taken our 15 week old labradoodle here. Friendly staff great service .. Our puppy looked great after they had finished highly recommend …

Michelle Mc Mahon (June 2015) – 5 star
Millie had the most amazing spa today, she smells absolutely gorgeous and she didn’t want to leave to come home. Millie loved her facial & massage she was totally spoilt. The owner is so nice & professional with a great deal of knowledge and she even takes the time to research new products for you. Highly recommend and good value for money… Well worth it

Lee Walker (October 2015) – 5 star
Archie and Ivy had a great day at the Spa today and they look absolutely gorgeous, it’s also the first time our Westie Ivy hasn’t spent a day scratching after a cut so we will be coming back regularly to the Spa from now on. Many thanks Lee and Jess

Lauren Curran (October 2015) – 5 star
Amazing & lovely staff my Loki loves his spa days, my furry baby is one spoiled pampered pooch. Thank you too all the staff for making him look & feel great each time, see you soon on our next appointment

Valerie Watson (August 2015) – 5 star
My little ones have never looked so fluffy and they both know how good they look as they have actually went around the puddles instead of threw them this evening. Thank you for all the advice also. Such an amazing place.

Penny Jones (October 2015) – 5 star
This is the best groomers for miles, I deliver my dog looking like a scruff and he comes out looking like a star. They always go the extra mile they are brilliant!

Julia Remmer (June 2015) – 5 star
Trevor had such a lovely time and has come home beautiful and smelling divine! It was his first professional” Pooch make-over” and I will certainly be taking him again. One very happy doggy and his owner! Thank you Girls.

Shannon Saywood (September 2015) – 5 star
Thank you to the team at Pooch Dog Spa for cutting my Charlie’s nails today after his bad experience, he always loves coming into the spa for his treatments with the amazing caring gentle team xx

Ann Marie Rendell (September 2015) – 5 star
Had lady and scamp here today, it was the best hair cut they have had!! Will not be going anywhere else. Thank you so much

Vanessa Wilson (October 2015) – 5 star
Bo Belle had a wonderful time with you today, thank you for looking after her on her first visit…..wonderful friendly environment, we shall be back xxxxx

Matt Fettel (August 2015) – 5 star
Incredible place. An owner who really cares about her customers, always happy to offer advice and offers your dog a relaxed environment while being groomed 🙂 also love the little pictures after the groom

Joanne Josey (July 2015) – 5 star
Bracken’s coat was severely matted due to a few weeks of being in and out of smelly rivers
during the hot weather, 3 and a half hours later one coiffured and pampered mutt emerged looking and smelling gorgeous!!! Thank you so much Pooch Spa!!!!

Sue Littlewood (June 2015) – 5 star
Milo had a great experience at Pooch Dog Spa. I’ve never seen him with a cut that looks so good. He looked and smelled beautiful and was very calm and happy.

Carol O’ Leary (August 2015) – 5 star
Visited the Pooch Dog Spa where my pooch Darcy had an incredible makeover!! 5 star staff 5 staff service 5 star treatments. All I can say is WOW what an experience. Thank you we will be back again soon

Lisa Perry Vaughan (October 2015) – 5 star
Amazing service with lovely staff who truly love dogs. It smells so good there I want to stay too. Highly recommended

Lucinda Jones (September 2015) – 5 star
Louie looked and smelt great.. Seemed very happy when I picked him up with his snazzy blue bow.. Will be back soon

Lisa St Clair (June 2015) – 5 star
Fabulous place to pamper your pooch, always feel Biggie Small is treated like a VIP, staff are lovely and very caring

Katie Forbes (August 2015) – 5 star
Teddy looks and smells amazing after his pooch makeover 🙂 Thank you for making him look so handsome for his first birthday xx

Tina Rushton (September 2015) – 5 star
Took my lhaso apso Reggie yesterday for his first puppy cut and he looks and smells gorgeous. A fantastic place with fab staff. He absolutely loved it there!

Peter Bunting (November 2015) – 5 star
Awesome place. Charlie loved his first visit and pamper!!

Emma Jones (September 2015) – 5 star
Amazing service, Eddie loved his first pamper, will definitely be heading back there!:) thank you ladies

Michelle Adams (May 2015) – 5 star
My Leon looked boooootiful after his spa day. Thanks and see you again x

Sid Richards (November 2015) – 5 star
Excellent service. Our dogs always come out looking very beautiful.

Izzy White (August 2015) – 5 star
Amazing what u do and he smells great and looks so handsome xx

Melanie Clive (May 20150 – 5 star
I was very impressed from the moment that I walked into the boutique. Buster is a cross, he is a yorkiepoo and his hair is very soft yet knots easy, with this in mind I thought that the ladies did an amazing job on my little boy he looks adorable and smells sooo good. He spent the morning sleeping after his relaxing treatments. The little touches were so sweet and very special, love his little Blue bow, Thank you, I shall be bringing little Buster back and I shall recommend you to anyone else looking for a top quality dog groomer.

Nicki Johnston (April 2015) – 5 star
Best place I have ever taken my dog. She is always well looked after, happy and comes back smelling amazing. Thank you so much for a brilliant service x

Uschi Tottle (April 2015) – 5 star
Absolutely amazing girls who work there, they certainly know how to groom a dog, Jonti looked fantastic smelt great and loved his pamper session. Recommend to everyone.

Lauren Jennings (April 2015) – 5 star
Very professional, friendly atmosphere! My little pooch Marler looks and smells amazing! Thank you xx

Holly Calder (April 2015) – 5 star
I won’t take my Archie anywhere else. Archie can be a pickle with his paws and face, but he is handled with patience and care. He comes out relaxed and happy….. and absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Elizabeth Nickle (March 20150 – 5 star
I brought my puppy Daisy here today and she was treated with loving care for her first grooming. Her fur was trimmed to perfection! We’ll be back for future appointments

Paula Haustead (March 2015) – 5 star
Ruby had a lovely time and she looks beautiful would recommend

Becky Frankland (March 2015) – 5 star
Amazing! Happy doggy who looks and smells beautiful. Thank you xx

Alison Dudley Ward (March 2015) – 5 star
My two bichons visited Pooch Dog Spa for the first time week and had a wonderful experience whilst there. They looked amazing when we picked them up and we have had lots of comments on our walks about how good they are looking now. Shirley and her team spent the entire day grooming them, they were very matted when we turned up and I appreciate how much hard work and patience it must have taken to get them looking so good. Thank you so much, will definitely be back.

Lisa Hersey (March 2015) – 5 star
Wow!!! What a fabulous place! Shirley was so lovely and welcoming from the word go. And kindly fitted my cocker spaniel Betsy in for her hair doo! The spa is amazing and Betsy came home looking gorgeous as well as smelling scrumptious, the finishing touches are just superb will be highly recommending this beautiful doggie spa. Again thank you so much Shirley for making Betsy look so glamorous we look forward to coming back soon. Xx

Joanne Welland (March 2015) – 5 star
Little Betsy looks and smells beautiful after her first puppy groom. She was a bit of a minx having her face done but this was managed with professionalism and patience. Lots of great grooming tips offered by the owner too. Highly recommend

Hannah Donnison (March 2015) – 5 star
Have never seen RT look so fluffy and smell so nice. Highly recommend

Amy Birch (March 2015) – 5 star
Fantastic service, I can’t rate them high enough!

Louisa Moore (March 2015) – 5 star
Ruby Slippers says thank you so much for making her look gorgeous xxxxxxxx

Amy Steeden Smith (March 2015) – 5 star
Took my Poppy here today for her first puppy cut. I felt reassured by Shirley, who was so lovely, as it was the first time I’d left poppy. Picking Poppy up, she looked amazing, beautifully white, and looks so beautiful. I will definitely be returning again and will recommend.

Many Ferry (March 2015) – 5 star
What a fantastic find! Alfie, my golden retriever, was in for his first spa visit today and the girls were just fab with him. He is 6 weeks post cruciate op and has ichthyosis, a skin condition, but you went above and beyond to look after him and took great care and attention when washing and brushing him. He can’t wait for his next visit 🙂

Karen Champion-Grange (March 2015) – 5 star
We took our little rescue dog Jenny to Pooch Dog Spa and the ladies were so kind and gentle. They were aware of her nervousness and looked after her well. Jenny had a lovely makeover and a fantastic haircut, she was very happy and calm when we arrived to take her home. We will definitely return when Jenny needs pampering again.

Pat Curtis (February 2015) – 5 star
Thank you for looking after Charlie and Ollie today, they look wonderful I am really happy with their cut, also for trimming little Leo’s nails.

Vicki Cook (February 2015) – 5 star
What a lovely place, Finn smelt and looked great when we picked him up, defiantly be going back.

Steve Woodings (February 2015) – 5 star
Doug and Paddy had a great time and come out gleaming. Pooch provide a great good quality service. Absolutely first class service

Anne Harvey (February 2015) – 5 star
I wish I could give more stars, love the staff, the boutique, the atmosphere, the cleanliness and most of all my pooch loves it. Will definitely be recommending pooch dog spa to all my friends. Thank you Shirley you’re fab!!

Hazel Sinclaire (January 2015) – 5 star
Superb experience for my baby Tayla I haven’t stopped praising the excellent service x

Annabelle Perkin (January 2015) – 5 star
Took my 5 month old labradoodle, Kodi, for his first grooming session. What a fantastic service, he came back looking even more handsome. First class facilities and Shirley and her team provide a first class service. Kodi thoroughly enjoyed his pampering session!!!!

Claire Sallnow (January 2015) – 5 star
Highly recommended. Teddy our 7 month old cockapoo had a wonderful first haircut, really pleased and he loved the ladies that pampered after him.

Heather Penny (December 2014) – 5 star
Have one happy, clean Ben dog today. Thank you! Will be booking him in again.

Louise Hutchings (November 2014) – 5 star
If there was a higher rating then pooch dog spa would be getting it – my dog had extremely matted ears and I needed an urgent appointment with a groomer. Such care and attention was taken that now I would not take my boy anywhere else. 2 future appointments already booked and my business is guaranteed! Would highly recommend to anyone, decent prices, loyalty scheme and by far the best groomer I have come across in the 10 years I’ve owned my dog – not sure what else I can say except if you love your dog, this is the place for you – Thank you Shirley