Express grooming treatments

We have introduced several express services to help maintain your pooch’s coat and general health between grooms.

These new services include:

Ear Cleansing

10 minutes


A gentle deep cleaning treatment to remove wax and debris from the outer ear canal using a lavender and chamomile aromatherapy ear cleanser.

Express Tear Stain Removal

15 minutes


A natural antimicrobial treatment to remove tear stains and debris from deep facial folds, suitable for Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shar Pei. Regular cleansing in these breeds is recommended to prevent skin fold dermatitis. This treatment does not need to be combined with a grooming treatment.

Nail trim

10 minutes


Dogs need their nails trimmed every 4-6 weeks especially if they have long quicks. When you hear the clicking of nails on the floor its time for a trim.

Nail & Pad Trim

15 minutes


Help keep your pooch’s nails and pads in top condition between grooms with our nail and paw pad hair trimming service.

Express Matt Removal

10 minutes


Does you pooch have a few problematic mats but does not need a full groom? We can remove stubborn mats behind ears or in friction areas to help prolong the time between grooms. (Subject to consultation).

Top Knot Styling & Bow

10 minutes


Help keep your pooch’s tresses out of their eyes without comprimising their style! Includes a choice of hair bow.

Teeth Brushing and Freshener

10 minutes


A non-descaling treatment that removes food debris and bacteria from your pooch’s teeth. Regular brushing is required to maintain good dental health.

To book an express service for your pooch please call the Spa on 01252 216 100