Ozone Spa Bath


At pooch Dog Spa we have a special Ozone Spa Bath that helps your pooch benefit from the very latest in spa therapy; combining three of nature’s most powerful elements, heat, water and air.  Our Ozone Spa Bath is effective as it uses hydro-massage, ozone, and aromatherapy to ease stress, bathe away physical fatigue, relax joints and muscles, and treat skin and coat. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer man can produce, and will oxidize all bacteria, mould and yeast spores, organic material and viruses.

Treatment Options

  • Revitalising treatment : an all-round general treatment to give back a sense of vitality; ideally suited to nervous, or timid dogs or those with past trauma.
  • Relaxing treatment : a restorative treatment to combat against the symptoms of tiredness and stress; great for agility, show, and working dogs, and active pets.
  • Circulation treatment : a treatment to reactivate blood circulation; suitable for elderly pets or those who don’t get a lot of exercise.
  • Reactivating treatment : this treatment reactivates the function of the cutis; ideal for those suffering with skin conditions, have heavy shedding, or in need of restoring skin health.
  • Anti-stress treatment : great for relaxation and ideal for those having underwent a stressful situation such a moving home or hormonal imbalances.

Benefits of Ozone Hydro-Massage Therapy

  • Treatment of skin and hair conditions: With its strong anti-bacterial function Ozone is used to help treat a wide range of skin and hair conditions such as seborrhea, alopecia, yeast infections, and skin allergies including atopic dermatitis, and parasitic dermatitis. It also helps alleviate itching and soothes symptoms of hot spots and eczema. We highly recommend this treatment if your dog is experience heavy seasonal shedding.
  • Whole Body Massage: The tiny yet powerful bubbles and their rhythmic impact deliver a massaging effect to stimulate and activate body tissues. This relives tension and fatigue, relaxes and balances, massages and encourage the production of red blood cells and white blood cells. Internal organs are stimulated, blood and lymph circulation are facilitated and muscles are relaxed.
  • Deep Cleansing: The Ozone Spa Bath gently loosens grease and dirt from pooch’s skin. Powerful bubbles clean capillaries in the skin, bringing intense nourishment. This allows skin tissues to breathe better.


How it works

Your pooch is enveloped in the soothing warm water of the Ozone Spa bath which is infused with green tea and aloe vera, or an essential oil blend specifically tailored to your pooch’s needs.

  • Hydrotherapy: Ozone is created in the water by the ozone generator and released through the pad in the spa bath. The air bubbles and ozone forced into the water collide and burst, emitting ultrasonic waves in the bath water. The waves massage pooch’s skin, loosens dirt, and relaxes muscles.
  • Heat Therapy: The heat of the water works with the ultrasonic waves to increase blood circulation to tired muscles, tendons and arthritic or rheumatic joints. This increased blood flow brings repair cells to the affected tissues and help them to heal faster. The negatively charged ions, increased water oxygen levels and ozone act to detoxify the air and skin by killing the bacteria and viruses.
  • Aromatherapy: Aloe vera and green tea is added to the bath to maximise the benefits of the treatment. Alternatively other essential oils can be used to treat specific issues. This will be determined at the pre-treatment consultation session.
  • Chromotherapy: The Spa Bath includes a colour therapy function which is used to help correct energy imbalances. The colour choice range help invigorate the body and mind, induce deep relaxation, or stimulate energy and vitality. A colour program will be chosen to complement your pooch’s requirements.



The frequency of treatment is dependent upon the therapy required. Below are recommended program plans, a tailored program will be built for your pooch during their pre-treatment consultation.

  • Skin problems: 1 bath per week.
  • Relaxation: 1 bath every 2 weeks.
  • Heavy shedding: 2 baths per month.
  • Stress: 1 bath per month.
  • Elderly pets: 1 bath every 2 weeks.
  • Overweight pets: 1 bath every 2 weeks.

To further maximise the benefit of these treatments combine with a Therapeutic Mud Treatment for total body wellbeing.

The Ozone Spa Bath is priced at £19 and can be added to any of our grooming treatments. To book please click here or call the Spa on 01252 216 100